Platform for Sustainable Projects

The Collaborative Project Platform will focus initially on: 

Sustainable Construction Solutions

Renewable Energy Solutions

Sustainable Urbanisations

Live Projects
A few of the images in the background from the Internet that represents graphically, the circular reliance that our Planet depends on.
;A challenge for the Teams on this Project Platform is to ensure that the Solutions designed use these Practices.

Our Collaborative Platform

good communication
Good Communication

Based on using Cloud Applications to ensure full Engagement and Transparency. Use of IP Technologies for efficient Flow Processes and remote communication Tools.

The Netgreen Platform will use Open Source on-line apps, such as Zoom, White Boards and Real Time notifications. A work in progress.. 

project management
Project Management

Each Project will have a Coordinator to ensure each Team member has well defined Deliverables and a responsive Programme Plan, to ensure a successful viable success.

The Project Management Platform for each Project will be only accessible on-line, with all the documentation available to all the Project members, to ensure no blocks of information, to empower the overall Timeline.

Blockchain Contracts

Use of Discriminated Scopes and Deliverable definitions enables contracts to be proposed, revised and executed all within the platform. The 

Collaborative Project process is one that involves many people, steps and revisions, and lends itself to blockchain for its enablement of full transparency.

The type of Projects our Platform will make into reality

Sustainable Systems require many variations of hybrid Installations, that integrate into existing Infrastructure, whilst providing the ability of functioning as an isolated self contained Solution. A large percentage of Systems will involve Generation, Distribution, Storage and Control of Energy, but will include for Sustainable Systems required, to reduce Environmental Impact. Size of Project - Our Focus of Projects will be from Domestic through to a Community Scale. 

All Projects will be disseminated using specialist Partner Resources, to enable the Engagement of an Empowered Mainstream, throughout Europe, wherever the Solution(s) can be duplicated.

An example list of potential Projects/Applications - Bio Gas, Small Hydro, Hydro Storage, Solar Pump, HW Storage Innovation, District Heating, Absorption Chillers, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Solar Hybrid, Intelligent Open Source Controllers, Energy Storage, Concentrated Solar, Sustainable Building Services, 3D Design/Revit and Contract Models - example RESCO/ESCO. 

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Collaborative Platform ?

The principal Challenge for experienced Actors working in  the area of Sustainability is to rapidly Engage with European Market. To fulfil the European Commissions 2030 & 2050 Environmental targets will need Collaborative Platforms, to empower the Engaging Process by demonstrating successful Models of the application of Sustainable Solutions. 

This Platform is primarily for the Enabling of Innovative applications of Sustainable based Projects, using a hybrid of Technologies. 


The basic Aim of each Project is to demonstrate a viable Solution that can be duplicated throughout the EU Market Place, involving multiple disciplines of different Stakeholders, all managed in an inclusive methodology of a Cloud based Platform. 


Each Project member, being a Company or Individual, will progress within a programmed 'Scope' driven, Project Inclusive Contract, to ensure financial rewarded Deliverables. Each Project will be designed to be able take advantage of the EU 'Green Deal' Grants, to ensure a rapid Programme to a successful Objective.


The Platform Project Process

From clear Project Aims & Objectives, the development of Project Scopes should be generated. The Project Scopes will enable the different Stakeholders to be involved.

project scopes
Project Scopes Project Development

The Stakeholders involved should engage in providing a sub-project detailed Scope with Contractual goals, attached with a resourced Programme. The ethos of collaborative working relationships between the Stakeholders will be fundamental, to focus on the completion of the initial Project Objectives.

Stakeholders Contract foundation

The Project Coordinator will be actively engaged with each Stakeholder, through all of the Project phases. Providing support on the usage of IT applications, that ensures an efficient and Inclusive Project Management Platform. 

Project Coordinator Stakeholders engaged process

On-going Communication, Reporting, analysis & performance regimes will be integral the Platform, using back-end IT Applications, to the successful Hand-over of each Project. 

Backend Apps Efficient Management

Post Project performance assessments, real time monitoring and 'lessons learnt' will also be important deliverables. To ensure further 3rd Party improvements resulting from downloads using the Project Dissemination Portal, during the Post-Engagement Process.

post project
Post Project Dissemination

Final phase will be the Project Open source Data being formatted into a 'Solution', and published on

Becomes a Solution